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Temporary Bypass Pumping - Critical to every CIPP liner installation is the maintaining sewerage flow during the installation process. FAST Pipe Lining installation crews normally handle all bypass operations for lines up to 12 inches. FAST Pipe Lining can design a bypass system to coincide with any type of CIPP liner project. For high flow system requirements, arrangements with local general contractors or sub-contractors can be arranged for assembly & operation of larger bypass systems. High volume pumps & piping can be sourced from rental companies without the need to purchase equipment.

For small diameter liners up to 12 inches, a small diesel powered bypass pump with a flow through inflatable plug can suffice. For larger diameter lines or lines with high sewerage flow, 6" or larger diesel powered pumps are required. Pumps with larger flow require hard pipe discharge pipes, not flexible hoses. All bypass pumping systems must be designed to minimize surface traffic disruption.

All bypass systems must be in place & thoroughly tested for leaks before any CIPP installation can begin. Bypass pumping systems must be designed & assembled to handle the maximum flow capacity of the sewer pipe to be lined, including the potential for rain events.

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