Fast Pipe Lining Inc. operates a full range of robotic cutters, integrated for use with CCTV vans. Each installation crew has one CCTV inspection truck that is equipped with two robotic cutters with a supply of spare parts for field repairs if necessary. All Fast Pipe Lining and Pipevision Products CCTV trucks are equipped with two pan & tilt color cameras, a winch system, a computer with video recording capability and numerous spare parts.

Lateral Cutters

Lateral Cutters are used for clean drain pipes and are great remedial tools to remove lead, nails, roots, fins, epoxy sludge, and other variable found in a pipe(lined or unlined). With CIPP Services’ enhanced air motors and attachments that are adaptable to use with Cues, Bowman, Aires, and Trytek. Our service reinstatement tools allow you to upgrade your cutters. We can assist you with:

We repair all Cues, Aires, Bowman, and Trytek cutters. Our in-house machine shop has the capabilities to assist with repairs of all Cues, Aires, Bowman, and Trytek cutters.

Cues, Aires, Bowman, and Trytek cutters are also available for rental or purchase.

Repair cameras, power supplies, light-heads, and reels.

Sales of diamond cutting globes, milling heads, and cutting bits.

To purchase a specific router bit or other cutting tools, click here to visit Shop Fast – our product shopping center.

For all other Robotic Equipment, please visit our Fast Pipe Robotics Division.