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Fast Pipe Lining, Inc.

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Manhole or Manhole to Manhole Rehabilitation - FAST Pipe Lining crew with years of experience use the cured CIPP liner with the trenchless/no-dig installation via existing manholes. On site when they arrives, they prepare the manhole by pressure washing, sand blasting and filling large voids. The manhole depth is measured and the technicians cut the liner from a bulk roll to match the depth of the manhole. A specific amount of resin is mixed and introduced into the liner under a controlled vacuum impregnation process. The liner tube has the ability to stretch and accommodate barrel sections while adapting to an eccentric or concentric corbel section of a manhole. A special retaining ring is attached at the upper end of the liner tube and used to hold the liner while it is suspended in the manhole. The liner is fed by hand and inverted through the center of the retaining ring until the liner is fully turned inside out and positioned within the manhole. The inflation device is inserted within the manhole liner. Pressure is applied causing the one-size liner to conform to the manhole. The liner is cured at ambient temperatures typically within two hours from mixing, ideal for warm summer months but can also be installed even during cold winter months. The inflation device is removed and the manhole liner is trimmed at the top of the manhole casting flush with the casting lid seat. The installation is finished creating a new rehabilitated structural manhole.

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