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Fast Pipe Lining, Inc.

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CIPP Liner Accessories such as the Gland Air Inverters, Vice Grips Liner Clamps, connections between the liner and "B" Steam Station, Plate Sample Steam Processing Box, Back Pressure Fitting Liner Adapter, Pull-In-Place Liner Steam Hose Connections, Liner Stab Pipe, Cleanout Liner Assist Shoe, etc. are important to help stream line a successful liner installation project.

Catalyst Blending Unit helps eliminate accidents as blending any type of catalyst into a heated solution for dilution requires precise temperature control to prevent an unwanted reaction - Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT). This catalyst blending unit helps reduces chemical exposure to workers.

The OSHA Regulations, Code of Federal Regulations - CFR 1910.303 and CFR 1910.399 are specific to electrical devices that workers may use or come in contact in the work place. For custom manufactured devices, the regulations allows for the manufacturer to self certify devices to be compliant unless an "APPROVED" device is available from another manufacturer. CIPP Services' safety and precision catalyst blending unit meets the OSHA's Electrical Standards and is UL approved.

An easy to read, simple to use, color touch screen panel controls that have all blending unit functions. Every catalyzed resin batch is password protected to prevent unauthorized operations.

Lateral Reinstatement is done on any CIPP lining project that involves lateral or service connections, this adds an extra set of challenges to the project. When a CIPP liner is installed, lateral connections are covered by the CIPP liner with normal drainage service not available for use by residences or business. A liner Installation causes a temporary minor inconvenience, but far less troublesome than a dig & replace excavation project. All residents & businesses are notified several times in advance of a CIPP liner installation to minimize problems. Special arrangements can be made to help ease burdens to businesses wherever possible, such as off hours installations or even individual separate bypass systems. Pipevision Products operates a full range of robotic cutters, integrated for use with CCTV vans. Each installation crew has one CCTV inspection truck that is equipped with two robotic cutters with a supply of spare parts for field repairs if necessary. Pipevision Products CCTV trucks are equipped with two pan & tilt color cameras, winch system, a computer with video recording capability and numerous spare parts.

Lateral Cutters are used for clean drain pipes, and are a great remedial tools to remove lead, nails, roots, fins, epoxy sludge and other variable found in a pipe(lined or unlined). With CIPP Services' enhanced air motors and attachments that are adaptable to for use with Cues, Bowman, Aires and Trytek. Our service reinstatement tools allow you to upgrade your cutters.

We can assist you with:

  • We repair all Cues, Aires, Bowman and Trytek cutters. Our in-house machine shop has the capabilities to assist with repairs of all Cues, Aires, Bowman and Trytek cutters.  Cues, Aires, Bowman and Trytek cutters are also available for rental or purchase.

  • Repair cameras, power supplies, light-heads, and reels.

  • Sales of diamond cutting globes, milling heads and cutting bits.

  • Robotics: CR Nano, CR Micro, CR Drive, CR Drive Plus, CR UV and Satellite Systems, Minicam 360 P&T Camera, Pole Camera, Inline Jetsonde, STP PIP Lateral Liner System.

For Robotic equipment please call CIPP Services for our Lataeral Robotic Systems for sale or rent 815-220-1919 or visit our sister company's site at

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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