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30 Series Air Inverter Inverts/shoots up to 30” CIPP liner.

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Series 30 Air Inverter Inverts/shoots up to 30” CIPP liner.
Key Features to appreciate for any liner inversion:
* 110V Power over Hydraulics (noiseless during installation).
* (2) Hydraulic Rams that move simultaneously on the pinch point.
* Pressure Reader to fine-tune the pinch point, no measuring tape needed.
* (4) Independent Hydraulic Powered Legs that extend 36 inches.
* (2) Hydraulic Clamping Bars to secure the liner to the unit.
* Powered Roller with forwarding/reverse controlled features to guide the liner.
* (3) Heavy Duty 4.80 /4.00-8 Tires – One tire swivels and rotates with the Handle, while the other two tires only rotate.
* (1) 110V Winch is for turning the liner remotely.
* Built-in 3″ A-Station with 2″ dump. This built-in equipment helps control the pressure during the liner installation process.
The combination of all the special features within this Air Inverter is guaranteed to take the labor out of any CIPP lining.


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