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Fast Pipe Lining, Inc.

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No job is too BIG or too SMALL in the CIPP Rehabilitation Business.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

Entering the CIPP lining business requires extensive research before financial commitments are made. Fast Pipe Lining desires successful contractors to install Cured-In-Place Pipe liners throughout the country.
Fast Pipe Lining can arrange for site visits at actual CIPP liner installation projects for contractors to observe. Onsite visits give a limited view of a CIPP installation, depending upon the amount of time spent on site. Visitors can view an installation but not learn the about the whole CIPP lining process.
For some companies, entering the CIPP lining business with the assistance of an established CIPP lining company is the best way to approach to a new business sector. Fast Pipe Lining can arrange for a fully qualified sub-contractor to install CIPP liners in any part of the country. These joint ventures or sub-contracting arrangements allow for more participation by potential CIPP installer and includes their employees.
Potential CIPP installers can learn from sub-contractors all aspects of without the initial capital outlay to install a CIPP liner. Potential CIPP liner installation contractors can profit while learning about installing. Fast Pipe Lining can offer assistance with preparing bid costing & project submittals.
For some contractors, the installation of CIPP in a corrugated storm drain is the most basic CIPP installation. Storm drains normally do not have lateral connections, so a lateral reinstatement cutter system is not required. Installation of a CIPP liner can be done using a scaffold for a water inversion, only requiring the assistance of a hot water boiler truck for curing. CIPP liner installation can be done using a pull-in (winch) place double coated liner only requiring a steam boiler truck for curing.
Contact Fast Pipe Lining for more details about entering the Cured-In-Place Pipe lining industry. Project estimating information and material costs are available to contractors assist in making an informed business decision.

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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