The team at FAST PIPE Robotics consists of motivated and reliable employees, who always act in the sense of complete customer satisfaction. We assume the ongoing training of our customers in the service and handling of our devices. Our global service partners are at your disposal at any time.


CUSTOM DESIGN QUOTE: For all custom Robotic Equipment please scroll fruther below and fill out the request form. Make sure to mention any specific accessories.

BUY/SELL EQUIPMENT: Have a question on a specific old or new Robotic Equipment that you wish to purchase or sell. Let us know how we can help you.  Scroll fruther below and submit your request.

  •    Sellers: Submit a basic request on your interest to sell your item. After submitting your request, you will be sent an application form including a contract agreement before publication. We will need details on the robotic equipment/vehicle you wish to sell on our website. Photos of items for sale are needed. Make sure your photos are presentable for a better price for your robotic equipment/vehicle. We may make recommendations, but the final decision is yours on the sale price, details, and images you send us. All robotic equipment/vehicle will be FOB LaSalle, or the seller and buyer have to come to a mutual agreement on the final sale agreement. 
  •    Buyers: Please make sure to mention the specific Robotic Equipment/vehicle product code for prompt service.

RENTAL REQUEST: For all Fast Pipe’s Robotic Equipment/Vehicles, including any Robotic Equipment, please complete the request form.

NOTE: For all responses please allow 48 hours for our sales team to contact you (there will extra days delay on a response time during holidays). For urgent requests only, please call us at 815-220-0396. Thank you.

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