SALE – Used Jet Vacs


Wanting to buy or sell any CIPP vehicle/equipment, we are here for you!

CIPP Services and our partnering contractors frequently have used vehicles/equipment for sale. Please look through our inventory for the available used CIPP lining vehicles/equipment. You may contact us on the vehicle/equipment you need, and we may be able to connect you with a seller. Please also take the time to look at our website's inventory of new vehicles/equipment and rentals.

CIPP Misc Tools - ITEM #NPVP-RF-121- Used97 ft Clean Earth Machine
Jet Vacs - ITEM NPVP-RF-118 - 2011 VACTOR 2100 Plus - Truck
Jet Vacs - ITEM NPVP-RF-111 - 2005 Model 2115 VACTOR Truck
Jet Vacs - ITEM #PVP-RF-106 - 2100 Series VACTOR on a Freightliner
Jet Vacs - ITEM NPVP-RF-114 - 2009 Sterling VACTOR Truck
Jet Vacs - ITEM #PVP-RF-107 - VACTOR - Sterling Truck

NOTE: Most vehicle/equipment are FOB La Salle Illinois, or available at the seller's specified location. All vehicles/equipment and tools are inspected and tested. Sizes and prices may vary. Call us for vehicle/equipment details on any product in this sale section. Serious buyers only. Thank you.

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