Wetout Tables for 2in-12in and 4in-60in Liners

Wetout Tables help liners with multiple felt layers to precisely saturate the resin without air pockets or patches of dry liner.


Mini Motorized & Digital Wet-Out Roller Table for 2″-12″ liners: This is wetout table has (2) key safety features that keep the operator completely safe.

  • Doors are constructed with plexiglass & lightweight aluminum with built-in bottom rollers to allow the slug of resin to pass thru the table & keep the operator’s hands out of the pinch area. The doors are built with safety switches that cut the power when raised up.
  • The rollers are wrapped with a silicone grip material that allows the liner to be pulled thru the gap setting area for a precise thickness finish. The gap setting is controlled by a handwheel that is attached to an encoder which displays the gap setting on a digital display.


Large Motorized & Digital Wet-Out Roller Table for 4″-60″ liners: This Wetout Table System is a (3) three-phase electric over hydraulic, for wetout up to 60″ pipe diameter liners, and it has a gap setting digital readout. It has a powered conveyor belt with a set of powered rollers mounted at the elevated end as this helps the resin to saturate the liner as it is fed through a set of calibrated rollers to distribute the resin evenly.  The gap setting rollers are tied together to ensure precise resin saturation without air pockets, patches of dry liner, and rolls out a wrinkle-free liner.