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Fast Pipe Lining, Inc.

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Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation has become the most popular trenchless technology to renew sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure systems. CIPP patents have expired and franchise opportunities are a thing of the past. CIPP materials have become a commodity with resins, catalysts and liner tube available from numerous suppliers. Installation contractors can source materials all materials required - but still have to manufacture a liner for installation.

All our equipment, parts and products are built for a Contractor by a Contractor.

Always keeping YOU in mind!

People who observe Cured-In-Place lining projects, see field installation crews as CIPP liner installers, but there's a lot of time spent on training, certifications requirements and experience that is needed to become a certified CIPP liner installer. Since there are numerous pipe lining materials for the various types of sewer drain lining applications in this industry, we are here to help you find the best suitable material and right equipment needed for your CIPP lining project. That's why with 25 years of combined filed experience within the CIPP industry, and Fast Pipe Lining for over 15 years we have been serving our customers within the CIPP lining industry, offering CIPP installation training on factors such as soil/location of the pipe and what type of liner should be used for the type of pipe that needs rehabilitation, types of equipment needed to survey and clean out the damaged pipes, etc. Especially the precise calibration and calculations needed to prepare a CIPP liner for installation.  Our technicians and trainers are the best in the CIPP lining industry, and we have the critical experience to set you on the right path to success.

Preparation of a CIPP liner requires just as much or more effort as the actual liner installation. Constructing and operating a Wet-Out facility for CIPP liners preparation is a major capital investment. However, Wet-Out machines need to be custom built, including the resin storage tanks, resin - catalyst mixing systems & refrigeration equipment can be costly. Constructing a Wet-Out facility normally requires an extensive permitting process to obtain state & local operating authority. This is where FAST Pipe Lining helps eliminates the need for independent contractors to own & operate a Wet-Out facility, eliminating the preparation hassles of CIPP liner. FAST Pipe Lining provide prepared CIPP liners at a reasonable cost with reduced hassle. Contractors can order liners of any size and thickness for any type of installation method to be delivered at their worksite at a scheduled time in a refrigerated truck. Contractors also have a choice of pick up prepared liners at our Wet-Out facility.


NOT A CURED-IN-PLACE-PIPE CONTRACTOR?  No Problem.  Contact us and we can assist you at starting up your business. Installation of CIPP liners is a fast growing market sector of the construction industry, an opportunity for contractors to expand their business. Fast Pipe Lining offers contractors low cost CIPP liners eliminating the hassle of liner wet-out preparation. Just as an excavation contractor purchases pipe for installation, CIPP installation contractors now have the same supplier convenience. If you are already a sewer related contractor, Fast Pipe Lining can assist your company in entering the CIPP rehabilitation market. Since we are one of the largest CIPP lining resources in the industry, Fast Pipe Lining can assist in purchasing (or rental) CIPP installation equipment as well as organizing and training an installation crew. Fast Pipe Lining's field staff will assist in the installation of several CIPP liners to ensure thorough crew training.



Services we offer with crew are:

  • CIPP Combo Unit rental with operator
  • Cutter/camera truck rental with operator
  • Hot water truck rental with operator
  • Over the hole wet out installations

To sum it up, you get the latest innovations in lining technology and help you save money.  This way you control your CIPP jobs and get paid on time.

All our proven and comprehensive equipment systems and materials

that meet the strictest material testing and certification standards,

including ASTM, AWWA, & NSF/ANSI 61 certification.

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